The $5 Accessory Your iPhone Needs

I gladly picked up an iPhone 6s a year ago as soon as my contract ended so I would have the latest and greatest technology. And I’ve been tempted by portable battery chargers, indestructible cases, and wireless earbuds.

I’ve bought half a dozen accessories (which I think is half decent compared to other people) and I recently took inventory on all those purchases.

  1. Leather folio case ($15) – the first accessory I bought before I even received the phone. It protected my phone in style for about 8 months before the leather looked worn down and I no longer appreciated the extra heft of a case.
  2. Wireless earphones ($12) – my most recent purchase and three months-in, they have been worth every penny. They stay in my ears when I am on the treadmill or am lifting weights, and the noise canceling abilities have been a bonus. No more wires for me!
  3. Plastic screen protector ($4) – I got a set of 3 stickers to place on the front of my phone to keep the screen from scratching. Mission accomplished, except they smudge like the devil and end up attracting dirt like my dog does. More trouble than they are worth.
  4. Battery case ($25) – I was most excited to buy a battery case which only made my phone a little longer and a little thicker, and of course, a little heavier. The problem is that when you increase 3 dimensions a little, the total effect is A LOT. That leads to my next purchase.
  5. Portable battery charger ($15) – Lifesaver. Time and time again I’m bailed out by the iPod-shaped charger that can juice my iPhone 4 times over. Well, at least when I remember to keep the charging cable…
  6. And the winner is — Glass screen protector ($5) – Whatever phone you are using, you need to get one of these. Sure, it makes your screen stick out a few millimeters, but it protects the one part of your phone that matters. New phones barely show dings when you drop them on the frame or body, but if you drop the phone on the unprotected screen, you are toast! Buy one, and then buy one for your loved one.



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