PF Gangster Blog Goals

Goals propel achievement.

Or something like that… Whatever the case may be, I confess that PF Gangster actually was a long time in the making. I’ve been passionate and upset with the views of people around me in regards to money (and life, sometimes) but had been quietly biding my time. I had originally decided to wait out the blog game since I’ve had blogs in the past, and I’m still convinced that we’re on the precipice of the next vehicle to connect readers with money content.

But after a conversation with my sister moved to money issues, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to add my voice to the chorus of personal finance bloggers. In the face of dozens of my brethren giving up the blog game due to time constraints, and decreasing ad revenue returns, I’m locked and loaded to enter the blog game.

So, with any new venture, I need real goals so that I can stay motivated and truly create something important and unique.


PF Gangster Blog Year 1 Goals

  1. 200 pieces of awesome content – I’m not someone to do things half-way so I need to be checking in with my readers more than once a month or once a week. My absolute pet peeve when I come across a blog that I love is when there is no new content, and I can no longer expect that interesting author to educate and entertain me. PF gangsters will not have that problem since I’ll be churning out views, thoughts, and diatribes as they come to me.
  2. $1000 of revenue – This is a touchy subject especially since I’m starting with 0 readers, 0 pieces of content, and no previous experience producing significant revenue via blog. But as I’ll discuss with the next goal, it’s important that I find a business model with this venture and that I generate money.
  3. The foundation of financial independence (FI) – The biggest reason I need to start generating big bucks here at is that I want this to be a piece of my future financial independence. I’ll retire from the business world when the time is right and focus on a handful of ventures that bring me joy, like this blog.
  4. 10,000 daily readers – Generally speaking, you would think that if I want to hit the two previous goals that this readership number would be my main focus. Alas, it is not. If I can affect change with one reader and get that person excited about personal finance, money, and life, I’ve done my job and I will value that more than a check from Google Adwords.
  5. 10 friends in the personal finance community – It could be a completely nerd move to make the goal of making friends in the PF community, but it would honestly be an honor to get to know my brethren better. I want to learn from the best, perhaps be featured or asked to guest post in the future, and maybe I’ll find myself at FinCon next year.

I’ll update these goals as the year goes on, and I’ll be logging my progress so you’ll see more of this soon.




  1. 200 pieces of content is A LOT. I think that’s close to what I have on my blog (after 3 years), though admittedly, I’ve deleted a ton of content in an effort to create a more streamlined user experience. I wouldn’t be in too much of a rush to generate revenue. My biz will generate six figures this year (three years into it), but it was flat line for the first 18 months or so. That’s what gave me the foundation to build fast. Learning who your readers are and what they want and how to best serve them is the best strategy I know – the long-short game 🙂

    1. Author

      I really appreciate the thoughtful comment and sage advice! Right now I’m having a blast just putting thoughts on paper and connecting with the community so revenue is WAY down the road. I want to make sure that readers can enjoy the site without a cavalcade of banner ads beckoning them. It is fantastic how your site has grown in 3 years!

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