Traveling Like a PF Gangster with Priority Pass

I typically don’t take a lot of time putting on airs to show off my positive net worth, or the fact that I often care up to $20 in my wallet.

But just because I’m not wearing a sign that says “PF Gangster” as I walk down the street, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the perks of living the life. Let’s face it: personal finance is about making good choices that allow you to enjoy greater satisfaction in your life.

So while on the road for work travel, I try to do little things that I wouldn’t normally do that make me FEEL like a PF Gangster. I rent a larger car because it’s only a few dollars a day more and I get Bluetooth and a rearview camera which make my life easier. I buy a snack box on the airplane because it’s only $9 and tastes better than the $12 cheeseburger I can normally get at the airport before leaving.

And most importantly, I wave around my Priority Pass so I can use airport lounges.

Priority Pass

If you aren’t familiar with Priority Pass, it’s an airport lounge club that gives you memberships to hundreds of lounges around the world. You can sign up on your own and pay a couple hundred dollars a year, or you can invest in a top-notch credit card that automatically gives you Priority Pass membership.

If you have an American Express Platinum card, Citi Prestige card, Chase Sapphire Preferred card, or something comparable, that means you’ll get access to mid-level lounges at airports. I say mid-level because from my experience, choices range from slightly-above American Airlines lounge level to pretty damn good lounge with lots of free alcohol.

I go the extra mile when planning business travel to look at airport options so that I absolutely can spend an hour or two living it up like a PF Gangster.

My last trip took me to Vegas where my Priority Pass took me to the LAS Club in Terminal 1 with free drinks, cold appetizers, and good Wi-Fi internet. That beats sitting at the gate like a chump while kids run circles around you, and then someone who hasn’t showered in a week squishes into the seat next to you.

If you travel frequently, you need lounge access

I’m not a high-roller by any means which is why I use my good credit history to leverage nice experiences like airport lounge access. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel comfortable walking in and paying $25-50 for one-time access, and I don’t believe I would ever pay for first class travel which gives me free access.

What I’m saying is, if you’re a pretty normal person with good credit and you travel once every couple of months, you need to treat yourself to a comfy chair and good bourbon at someone else’s expense. You deserve to travel like a PF Gangster.



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