About PF Gangster

Every good blog has an “About” page where you learn about the writer. This is what fuels PF Gangster’s decisions:


  • 37 year old guy – lived long enough to go to college, work 7 different jobs, 2 layoffs, and back on his feet again
  • Net worth – $100k – a few years removed from having a negative net worth and tons of debt between student loans and credit cards
  • Android or IOS? – loves them both and play games on both platforms
  • Personal finance focus – debt extermination, financial bliss, credit card travel hacking, retirement by age 50 with no regrets along the way
  • East Coaster living on the West Coast – traveling the country for work with occasional overseas travel


The reason that there’s a blog called PF Gangster is that it’s my philosophy is that 75% of people have no idea how rough their financial picture actually is. They should be downright upset with the amount of debt they carry, the fact that they live paycheck to paycheck, and that there’s no real retirement plan in place. Once I took a long look in the mirror and saw the reality of my situation, I got mad, and my approach to finances continues to be fueled by that fire from within. If I can help one person get back on their feet, and get their house in order, at least I’ll be using this anger in the same of justice.

So while there are literally hundreds of other terrific writers in the personal finance space, when you’re looking for a kick in the butt, you know where to come by.


Joseph Slim aka PF Gangster