I have a killer case of credit card love. It started in college when I got my New York Giants credit card with a flush balance of $500 (enough for a Playstation 2 and a handful of games) and has continued to the present. If you’ve seen the episode of Seinfeld where George pulls out his “obese friend”, you have a sense of what my wallet looks like. I’ve jammed 2 cards per slot and have two that I keep in my handy cell phone folio case – how’s that for credit card love? Dave Ramsay tells you to cut up those credit cards whenRead More →

If you’re like me and you live near a major Metropolitan area, you have to listen to a lot of bologna when it comes to real estate. When I lived on the East Coast, there were 20 real estate brokers with a dozen agents apiece taking out ads in the newspaper of record showing off McMansions in the suburb of your choice. Said newspaper has a dedicated weekly section for real estate with 90% of the coverage being on buying your own home, tips for existing home owners, etc. Whoever decided that buying a home of your own was the American Dream owes Americans anRead More →

Hot off the heels of the latest big Apple iPhone event, I’m asked this question by friends: “Are you seriously going to upgrade to the newest iPhone again?” To which I inevitably answer: “I don’t have a problem buying an 800 dollar cell phone”.   As a millennial, I live with my phone practically 24-7. I probably unlock the homescreen 50 times, check my personal and work email accounts 40 times, play games 20 times, and snooze 5 times every morning. So at the very least, I am using my phone 115 times a day. That doesn’t even include the times I’m using it whenRead More →