I recently joined the millions of folks that transitioning from expensive cable plans to less-expensive digital options. I joined the Netflix family, and was pleased to find a documentary focused on questions around finance. Requiem for the American Dream featuring Noam Chomsky Being unfamiliar with Noam Chomsky aside from his opposition to the Vietnam War, I decided to invest an hour to hear what one of America’s most prominent thinkers has to say about The American Dream. I’m not an expert, and my hope with this post is not to make it unnecessary to watch the movie. I’ll touch on some sound bites that madeRead More →

Hot off the heels of the latest big Apple iPhone event, I’m asked this question by friends: “Are you seriously going to upgrade to the newest iPhone again?” To which I inevitably answer: “I don’t have a problem buying an 800 dollar cell phone”.   As a millennial, I live with my phone practically 24-7. I probably unlock the homescreen 50 times, check my personal and work email accounts 40 times, play games 20 times, and snooze 5 times every morning. So at the very least, I am using my phone 115 times a day. That doesn’t even include the times I’m using it whenRead More →