I typically don’t take a lot of time putting on airs to show off my positive net worth, or the fact that I often care up to $20 in my wallet. But just because I’m not wearing a sign that says “PF Gangster” as I walk down the street, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the perks of living the life. Let’s face it: personal finance is about making good choices that allow you to enjoy greater satisfaction in your life. So while on the road for work travel, I try to do little things that I wouldn’t normally do that make me FEEL likeRead More →

I have a killer case of credit card love. It started in college when I got my New York Giants credit card with a flush balance of $500 (enough for a Playstation 2 and a handful of games) and has continued to the present. If you’ve seen the episode of Seinfeld where George pulls out his “obese friend”, you have a sense of what my wallet looks like. I’ve jammed 2 cards per slot and have two that I keep in my handy cell phone folio case – how’s that for credit card love? Dave Ramsay tells you to cut up those credit cards whenRead More →