I typically don’t take a lot of time putting on airs to show off my positive net worth, or the fact that I often care up to $20 in my wallet. But just because I’m not wearing a sign that says “PF Gangster” as I walk down the street, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the perks of living the life. Let’s face it: personal finance is about making good choices that allow you to enjoy greater satisfaction in your life. So while on the road for work travel, I try to do little things that I wouldn’t normally do that make me FEEL likeRead More →

This must be my lucky day. I’m walking through the corridor of my apartment complex toting groceries when I look down and see a crumpled twenty dollar bill. Now, before you judge me, I waited 30 seconds and looked in all directions to see if someone was searching for their lost money. No one came back for the funds and so now I have $20 in my wallet. When I was growing up, there was a saying in the house that if you found any money, you needed to spend it right away. So if someone found $20 like I did, they would physically takeRead More →

Let me just say from the get-go that I don’t buy the mularkey about giving up a daily latte to pay off your mortgage. If you can’t understand if and when you’re able to afford a fancy cup of coffee, then I suggest you start at the very beginning of this blog or another personal finance blog (there are SO MANY good ones). With that out of the way, I want to take a moment and thank Starbucks for taking so much of my hard-earned money over these years. I’m serious. I must have spent a couple thousand dollars here over the past six yearsRead More →

Goals propel achievement. Or something like that… Whatever the case may be, I confess that PF Gangster actually was a long time in the making. I’ve been passionate and upset with the views of people around me in regards to money (and life, sometimes) but had been quietly biding my time. I had originally decided to wait out the blog game since I’ve had blogs in the past, and I’m still convinced that we’re on the precipice of the next vehicle to connect readers with money content. But after a conversation with my sister moved to money issues, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt toRead More →