For my second installment of Putting Value, I’m looking at my Dyson. For the uninitiated, Dyson creates high-quality and very expensive vacuums, heaters, fans, and other electronics items. When I say expensive, I mean that Target sells Dyson vacuum cleaners from $400-$600 and the beautiful circular Dyson fans also go for $200-$300. I can be a penny pincher when it comes to home appliances so I have a secondhand box fan I use when it gets hot, and I started with a trusty Dust Buster which I would break out when I dropped a large concentration of cookie crumbs. But then my back told me to stopRead More →

Today I’m going to start a new series about assigning value to things that are important, and sometimes difficult to measure. I plan on calling it the “Putting Value” series. The other day I was chatting with a co-worker, and she asked me about the new apartment I’m renting. BIG SHOCKER that I’m renting given my other rant on not buying a house. Well, I lucked out for a lot of different reasons when looking for this apartment: My house was too large for little old me so the apartment fits my needs and gives me less to clean every week The location is closerRead More →