I gladly picked up an iPhone 6s a year ago as soon as my contract ended so I would have the latest and greatest technology. And I’ve been tempted by portable battery chargers, indestructible cases, and wireless earbuds. I’ve bought half a dozen accessories (which I think is half decent compared to other people) and I recently took inventory on all those purchases. Leather folio case ($15) – the first accessory I bought before I even received the phone. It protected my phone in style for about 8 months before the leather looked worn down and I no longer appreciated the extra heft of aRead More →

My favorite personal finance-related activity is shopping. It’s the same love of shopping that got me in a hole in the first place, but that was because I was a poor shopper whereas now I’m an experienced and nuanced shopper. I have a puppy and as anyone with a pet can tell you, there are a lot of expenses that go into raising a furry one. There are so many different products and plans, and you’ve got options from grocery stores to pet stores to online storefronts to pick up your essentials. Here’s what I’ve picked up in that short time when it comes toRead More →