For my second installment of Putting Value, I’m looking at my Dyson. For the uninitiated, Dyson creates high-quality and very expensive vacuums, heaters, fans, and other electronics items. When I say expensive, I mean that Target sells Dyson vacuum cleaners from $400-$600 and the beautiful circular Dyson fans also go for $200-$300. I can be a penny pincher when it comes to home appliances so I have a secondhand box fan I use when it gets hot, and I started with a trusty Dust Buster which I would break out when I dropped a large concentration of cookie crumbs. But then my back told me to stopRead More →

Goals propel achievement. Or something like that… Whatever the case may be, I confess that PF Gangster actually was a long time in the making. I’ve been passionate and upset with the views of people around me in regards to money (and life, sometimes) but had been quietly biding my time. I had originally decided to wait out the blog game since I’ve had blogs in the past, and I’m still convinced that we’re on the precipice of the next vehicle to connect readers with money content. But after a conversation with my sister moved to money issues, I decided that it wouldn’t hurt toRead More →

My favorite personal finance-related activity is shopping. It’s the same love of shopping that got me in a hole in the first place, but that was because I was a poor shopper whereas now I’m an experienced and nuanced shopper. I have a puppy and as anyone with a pet can tell you, there are a lot of expenses that go into raising a furry one. There are so many different products and plans, and you’ve got options from grocery stores to pet stores to online storefronts to pick up your essentials. Here’s what I’ve picked up in that short time when it comes toRead More →

Five years ago when I started my personal finance journey, I felt about as helpless as you could. My expenses were double my income (darn you clothing expenses!), I was not on a fast track for promotion at work, and I was forced to move back into my parents’ basement to save money. While I got a grasp on the expenses part of the equation and brought them down in line with my sub-standard earnings, that still wasn’t going to put me anywhere near my financial goals unless I made big changes. The bit of silver lining was that I was reading the positive journeysRead More →

Today I’m going to start a new series about assigning value to things that are important, and sometimes difficult to measure. I plan on calling it the “Putting Value” series. The other day I was chatting with a co-worker, and she asked me about the new apartment I’m renting. BIG SHOCKER that I’m renting given my other rant on not buying a house. Well, I lucked out for a lot of different reasons when looking for this apartment: My house was too large for little old me so the apartment fits my needs and gives me less to clean every week The location is closerRead More →